Vanuatu 2014

Yearbook 2014

Vanuatu. At least ten people died when tropical cyclone Lusi pulled over Vanuatu in March. Vanuatu population in 2020 is estimated at 307,156. Several of the deceased drowned when a flood swept a village with them on the island of Esíritu Santo. In addition, cultivation fields were destroyed and water sources were contaminated by the cyclone’s progress.

Vanuatu Population 2014

In April, China opposed the double citizenship law passed through in Vanuatu. The idea behind the law is to attract capital by letting Chinese citizens buy citizenship in Vanuatu. In a letter from the Chinese Embassy to Vanuatu’s foreign ministry, China stated that no dual citizenship will be recognized, but those who become citizens of Vanuatu will automatically lose their Chinese citizenship. Later, the embassy announced that the Chinese who lost their citizenship would have the chance to apply for a return of their Chinese passport.

According to topb2bwebsites, the plans for a new international airport built in collaboration with a company from Singapore became the government’s fall in May. Prime Minister Moana Carcasse’s Kalosil, who pushed the issue, faced strong opposition in Parliament because of the high costs. In May, he was deposed by a vote of no confidence. Environmentalist Carcasses Kalosil was replaced by Joe Natuman, party leader of the largest party in parliament, the Socialist Party of our country. At the same time, former Prime Minister Sato Kilman from the People’s Progress Party became new Foreign Minister. In August, Joe Natuman said that even though he felt that the country would need a new airport in the future, upgrading the existing airport would be a priority.

In September, President Iolu Abil’s five-year term ended. Only after eight votes could the electoral college appointing the president elect a successor. This became the Anglican priest and civil servant Baldwin Lonsdale.

In October, the capital, Vila, was hit by a flood, and about 1,000 people lost their homes.

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