The vintage? It’s your dada! Do you like to mix your looks with both a touch of trend and news and a hint of vintage fashion. Because after all, no one else knows as well as you: fashion is an eternal!

Whether you live in a big city and you have plethora of vintage shops or on the contrary, you don’t have vintage

Where to Buy Vintage Fashion

addresses on hand, Internetages has identified for you the best of the vintage shoes online.

  • A few tips for buying vintage

-Do not have a specific room: open your chakras. Vintage fashion is not conceived as a catalogue of trends! Operate to the Favorites, have noa priori.

-Search: be it online or in store, the vintage is synonymous with resourcefulness.

-Play: call your look fun, turn the pieces you will find… The vintage is formatted or serious, and it is what makes it tasty!

-Get inspired: not sure how to approach this pi & egraegrave; this? Sites we offer a universe and several pictures that will help you understand your new piece at best.

-Be “aware”: almost vintage sizes do not correspond to the standard sizes of today. Smaller, thinner, our elders did not have the same morphology as we. Thus, a dress size 40 in the 1960s often corresponds to a 38. Ditto for the sizes: a 38 of the 50 matches a 37 today.

  • What vintage parts buy online?

Certain clothing or accessories are easier to buy online than on the other… The finding also applies to the vintage.

Not easy, indeed, to fall for a pair of shoes vintage online : sizes evolve, and 38 of the 1960s does not always match a 38 today. Do not hesitate to ask for more information at our selection sites, however, if the information provided by the sites were not sufficient.

For the rest, open bar on dresses, shirts, the trench coat, handbags, glasses…!

  • 10 sites where to buy vintage

This is or you 10 tracks where to find vintage of quality on the Internet.

-Odetta Vintage
-Mod Cloth
-Vintage art
-Goldy Mama
-Shop love Vintage on Etsy
-Tilt Vintage
-Bobida Vintage

> > You can find the URLs of these sites as well as our favorite selection!