Togo 2014

Yearbook 2014

Togo. According to, Togo population in 2020 is estimated at 8,278,735. Tensions rose at the end of the year ahead of the presidential election, which is expected in April 2015. Several demonstrations that gathered thousands of people were held in the capital Lomé. The requirement was that President Faure Gnassingbé should not be allowed to run for a third term. Gnassingbé – whose father ruled the country for 38 years – had not announced his plans. However, he said he would safeguard the current constitution which would not hinder his candidacy.

Togo Population 2014

In November, security forces used rubber bullets and tear gas as protesters tried to make their way to Parliament. In June, Parliament had rejected proposals to amend the Constitution.

According to topb2bwebsites, some candidates had come forward. One was Jean-Pierre Fabre, leader of the opposition party ANC (National Alliance for Change), supported by a loose alliance. He also ran in 2010.

In November, the West African cooperation organization ECOWAS appointed Gnassingbé to coordinate the fight against the Ebola epidemic in the region.

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