Costa Rica 2014

Yearbook 2014

Costa Rica. The first round of the presidential election on February 2 was a great success for the unprecedented Luís Guillermo Solís from the left-wing Citizens Action (PAC). During most of the election campaign, he had support from only 6% of voters according to opinion polls, but until the election day he had asked up to 31%. The victory margin was scarce; In second place was Johnny Araya from the ruling National Liberation Party (PLN) with 30%, and he was put against Solís in the second round of elections on April 6.

Costa Rica Population 2014

However, Araya gave up as early as March and Solís was finally declared the winner. According to, Costa Rica population in 2020 is estimated at 5,094,129. The turnout was thus unexpectedly record low, 57%. The victory of the PAC meant a violation of traditional Costa Rican politics where two parties, the PLN and the Christian Social Unity Party (PUSC), have dominated for 84 years. Solís swore presidential order May 8. It was predicted that Solís would have as difficult as outgoing President Laura Chinchilla to include in the legislative process the congress, where the split after the election became apparent. Although PLN remained the largest party with 18 seats, it lost 10 seats. Most of these went to Solís PAC and the left party Breda front (FA), which made four of the five congressional parties virtually equal.

No president has ever held a weaker position in Congress than Solís. It became especially clear when Solís promised to prioritize the fight against corruption, something that will hardly get the PLN that held the presidential office for eight years to help in the legislation. No formal coalition government was formed, but Solís struck agreements with both the PUSC and the FA on cooperation on certain issues, and the PUSC also received two ministerial posts.

According to topb2bwebsites, relations with neighboring Nicaragua continued to be chilly due to the San Juan River border conflict, and Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega was not officially invited to Soli’s presidential installation.

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