St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a country where the number of beaches is equal to the number of days in a year. Almost half of the state’s population lives in the capital, St. John’s. This is such a kind of paradise with coral reefs, quiet lagoons and bays. It is so quiet and calm here that sometimes you have to feel yourself – suddenly you are already in heaven. The locals, of course, are not one hundred percent angels, but they will do everything possible to make your stay in St. John’s memorable at least until the end of your life.

How to get there

According to wholevehicles, 8 kilometers from the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, there is an airport with the long name St. John’s VC Bird International Airport. There are no direct flights from Russia to St. John’s, so you’ll have to travel by seatbelt.

The airport accepts planes from England, USA, Germany and Canada. Flight time from Baltimore is 4 hours, Frankfurt is 9 hours, London is 8 hours. Such a trip costs from 1000 USD.

For some reason, local border guards charge all fees only when leaving the country – this is 20 USD. So make a stash or they won’t let you go home.


St. John’s has a bus service. You can get to any point quickly and cheaply. True, there are no buses in Dickenson Bay and other resort areas in the northern part of the island. On Sundays, public transport rests. But on any day you can catch a taxi. Fares are fixed, and some drivers are qualified guides, so they can tell you a lot of interesting things along the way.

As for car rental, you can rent a car directly at the airport. But remember: traffic in the country is on the left side.

St. John’s beaches

Antigua has 365 sandy beaches. In St. John’s, the beaches are public, you can safely take a place where your heart desires. Unless it’s better not to go to the remote ones alone. Yes, for safety. The most popular beaches are Fort James and Deep Bay. During the winter months, surfers occupy Galli Bay. And in Hawksbill Bay, one of the beaches is owned by nudists.

Cuisine and restaurants

The local cuisine is an exotic mix of different traditions: Caribbean, French, Dutch and English. Culinary delights include char-grilled red snapper, flying fish fillets, gambas prawns, sudons clams, lobsters and lamby shells.

Locals escape the heat with tea and ice-cold fruit drinks. The city makes excellent rum and brews good beer. Popular varieties are ‘Banks’ and ‘Vadadli’.


The largest concentration of shops where you can buy various souvenirs is on the waterfront around the Harbor, near the Heritage Kwai complex and the Red Cliff Kwai area. Antigua and Barbuda is a duty free zone. In the capital, you can buy goods at bargain prices that in other countries (not to mention Russia) will cost 30-40 percent more. Tourists buy jewelry, precious stones, watches on the island. Most of the shops are open until 17:00.

St. John’s Hotels

There are plenty of 3-5 star hotels in St. John’s. The average cost of accommodation in a standard double room is from 40 USD. High class hotels charge from 100 USD per night. Some hotels have wellness centers with swimming pools. Spacious rooms with a beautiful view of the ocean, with a balcony or terrace with a hammock.

5 things to do in St. John’s

  1. To hear real reggae – this music must be listened to by people who are rooted in this culture. Local clubs often play reggae, jazz, calypso.
  2. Go on a picnic – Bird Island is the best place to eat outdoors. Collect a basket of provisions, rent a motorboat and go to bird paradise.
  3. Get to know the life of the islanders – many excursion programs offer safaris deep into Antigua, where you can visit small villages and get acquainted with the life of local residents.
  4. Fishing in the Atlantic – fishing in the ocean is many times greater than gatherings on the banks of the river. Firstly, you will not find such fish at home. And secondly, you can get close to her if you go down to the bottom with scuba gear.
  5. Visit Carnival – A national carnival is held in the British West Indies in August to commemorate the abolition of slavery. This is one of the main tourist attractions with processions, competitions and stylized shows.

Entertainment and attractions in St. John’s

The main attractions and entertainment of the capital of Antigua.

St. John’s Cathedral

This cathedral is visible from afar thanks to its snow-white towers. It was built in the middle of the 19th century in the third version, since the first two were destroyed by an earthquake. The cathedral is made in the Baroque style. This is a majestic building that reminds the locals of its difficult past.

Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

This museum, housed in a colonial courthouse, tells the history of the island. Artifacts that were found during archeological excavations are exhibited here. In the museum you can get acquainted with the life of the natives – there is a life-size copy of the Arawak house, plantation models and much more.

Farmers market

The farmers’ market, located on the southern outskirts of the city, looks like a swarm of bees on weekends. Everything here moves, makes noise, shimmers, sparkles, screams and reduces the price. In the market you can buy handicrafts and exotic tropical fruits. In addition, the market is a good morning exercise: you can push around, stretch your muscles.

Sports and active entertainment

The most popular sport in Antigua is cricket. The West Indies even held the world championship in this sport. Cricket for Antigua is akin to football in Russia, although our fans do not understand these men with clubs.

The island also trains professional athletes and tennis players who represent the country in major competitions.

For tourists, the island is full of active entertainment: surfing, diving, golf, riding motor boats, scooters, kayaks, jeep tours and much more.

Weather in St. John’s

You can come here to relax all year round. In the coolest month, the temperature drops to +25. Rains, not particularly frequent, usually fall from May to November.

St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda

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