Antigua and Barbuda 2014

Yearbook 2014

Antigua and Barbuda. After spending ten years in government, the United Progressive Party (UP) and Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer lost big in the June parliamentary elections. Instead, the Labor Party (ALP) recaptured its position as the country’s dominant party after receiving 56% of the vote and 14 of 17 seats in the House of Representatives. The result was a great success for Gaston Browne, party leader since 2012, who, in addition to becoming prime minister, also took over the post of finance minister.

Antigua and Barbuda Population 2014

According to, Antigua and Barbuda population in 2020 is estimated at 97,940. The link between the ALP-led Bird family and the fraudulent US billionaire Allen Stanford, who is believed to have cost the party the election victory in 2009, does not seem to burden ALP anymore. This is despite the fact that the country’s economy was hit hard by the so-called Stanford business in 2009 and despite the fact that Gaston Browne is a member of the Bird family.

According to topb2bwebsites, Gaston Browne won the lead of the ALP parliamentary elections in June 2014, bringing the party back to power after 10 years in opposition. Browne became prime minister that month. The electoral victory that dramatically changed the distribution of seats in parliament was due to the declining economy, unemployment and rising crime. According to Abbreviation Finder, AG stands for Antigua and Barbuda in English. Click to see other meanings of this 2-letter acronym.

In September 2017, Antigua and Barbuda was hit by Category 5 Hurricane Irma. In particular, it went badly over Barbuda, where 95% of all buildings were destroyed. All the residents of the island (1800) were subsequently evacuated to Antigua. It was estimated that a reconstruction of the island’s structures would cost more than DKK 100 million. US $. Money the small country did not have. The country avoided the worst devastation of the next Category 5 Hurricane Maria a few weeks later, as it followed a course about 100 km further west.

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