Holidays in Goa, India

The smallest state of India in terms of area – Goa – is located in Western India and spreads out on its western coast. About 125 thousand tourists from all over the world come to Goa every year. Since the state is a coastal zone of the ocean, it is attractive for tourism with its wonderful beaches and affordable, high-quality apartments.

The capital of the state of Goa is the city of Panaji.

From 1510 to 1961, the territory of the present state of Goa was under the rule of Portugal, until the Indian liberation movement returned the state to the country. And on May 30, 1987, Goa received, in the end, the status of a full-fledged Indian state.

Goa is a continuous holiday, an indescribable festival of colors. Find for active tourism. Truly beautiful are its gentle and soft beaches stretching for a hundred kilometers.

But it is not only the beaches that attract the attention of tourists to Goa. Many temples of different religions are located on its territory. The most famous of them are the temples of Mangesh, Mahalsa in Mardol, Shanta Durga in Kavlem.

Goa is also attractive because the prices for the best rooms in the most comfortable hotels are an order of magnitude lower than in other resorts in India.

For those tourists who do not have the opportunity to stay in expensive and comfortable suites, you can always rent an inexpensive, but clean and comfortable room right on the coast.

The life of this area never stops, including at night. Restaurants, nightclubs, discos will gladly open their doors to you at any time of the day or night.

Unusual and unforgettable cuisine of Goa with its obvious manifestations of Portuguese notes. It is based on fish and other seafood dishes. Goan cuisine deservedly received its worldwide recognition.

Visiting Goa, you will get a lot of unique sensations. The variety of tours and the variegation of local colors are so amazing that we can say with confidence that you will return as a completely different person.

Goa, India

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