Vatican City 2014

Yearbook 2014

Vatican City. On Pope Francis’s 78th birthday in mid-December, a historic agreement between the United States and Cuba was published that had been negotiated with the help of the Vatican. According to, Holy See population in 2020 is estimated at 812. The breakthrough in the negotiations, which took place in Canada and the Vatican, came when the United States offered Cuba to swap three Cuban spies imprisoned in the United States against a Cuban who had been an agent of the United States and served nearly 20 years in Cuban prison.

Vatican City Population 2014

During a visit to Turkey during the autumn, the Pope gave a fire speech with the message that military means are not enough to tackle religious extremists and emphasized the importance of international involvement in the fight against poverty.

In line with its efforts to bring the Church closer to the people, the Pope has continued to reform the Curia – the Vatican’s administration during the year. From the outset, he made it clear that the courier is overly concerned about his own interests and thus neglects the outside world. His actions have shown that he does not allow himself to be manipulated or overlooked with the intrigue that darkened the representative of Benedict last year. By appointing the 58-year-old top diplomat Pietro Parolin as prime minister, Pope Francis got a second man who knows the courier inside and out.

The Pope continued during his second year to clean up the scandal-ridden Vatican Bank’s business so that the bank can no longer be suspected of advanced money laundering. For the Pope, it is necessary to have control and transparency in the Vatican’s business in order to assert the Church’s credibility.

St. Francis also dealt with the pedophile offenses committed by priests within the Catholic Church in a more tangible way than his predecessors. Already Benedict XVI expressed zero tolerance for the abuses, but St. Francis has gone a step further and allowed to arrest priests who have committed such crimes; In September, a former top diplomat and archbishop was arrested inside the Vatican.

It attracted a great deal of attention when the pope answered the question of how he looks at homosexuals: “Who am I to judge?” This more forgiving attitude was evident at the bishop’s meeting of the family held at the Vatican during the fall. It says in the final document that “people with homosexual tendencies must be welcomed with respect and tenderness”. This phrase is interpreted by some Vatican connoisseurs as a sign of a new openness.

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